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Stunning Canvas Prints from Photos

We produce some of the UK's finest canvas prints!

Canvas Printmaker specialise in printing your original photos on canvas, making unique personalised gifts for homes and offices throughout the U.K.

With our bespoke printing service we can easily turn your treasured memories into gifts guaranteed to delight all your loved ones. We make dozens of canvas prints each day and judging by our reviews and customer feedback we consistently exceed expectations.

Bring your photos to life on canvas!

Photos on canvas make excellent presents for all your family!
Show your photos to their full potential on canvas

Styles of Printed Canvas

Photos on Canvas

Photos printed on canvas are a fantastic way to brighten up your home and office. They are extremely long lasting and will give you a life time of fond memories.

We can turn your colour photos into sepia or black and white, or even selectively mask certain colours in your picture and convert the rest to black and white. These techniques are proving very popular with wedding photographers.
Wedding photographs come alive on canvas prints! Edinburgh Castle Wedding.

Large Panoramic Canvas

Panoramic prints really stand out and can be both horizontal and vertical in shape. They are becoming more popular with many joined up pictures being used to make one giant picture.

We can even help you stitch the pictures together providing they overlap. Traditional photographers will be pleased to know that we can scan their 120 panoramic negatives and transparencies.
Panoramic canvas prints really stand out. Edinburgh old town canvas print.

Montage / Collage Photos on Canvas

Montage and collage prints are an easy way to display many of your favourite pictures on the one print.

The design and sizes are really only restricted by your own imagination! Office leaving presents, 18th birthdays and wedding gifts always go down well with montage prints.

Montages are an easy way to display many of your favourite photos on canvas

Triptych / Pentych Canvas

Triptych prints are very trendy now. If you have been on holiday somewhere and have some stunning photos then we can split one image over many frames to give a very pleasing effect on your walls. You can easily vary sizes, heights and the number of panels. Triptych's tend to work best with pictures of places.

Triptych - one image split over three canvases
Pentych - one image split over five canvases

Why you should be using
Canvas Printmaker....

Canvas printing is more popular now than it has ever been before and there are many companies out there offering different degrees of quality and service, so why should you be using Canvas Printmaker and not them?

Well, we have been printing for well over ten years now and most of our business is from word of mouth and repeat orders. So how do we keep our customers coming back?

A lot comes down to how your canvas is printed and stretched. For starters we use the most up to date printing methods which will give the best colour and ensure your prints last a lifetime.


We only use original inks which are extremely lightfast and are guaranteed to last unlike many of our competitors using cheaper copy inks which have no guarantee.... Original inks are essential for ensuring longevity and all our inks have been tested using artificial ageing techniques to ensure this.

Currently there are two types of ink commonly used for printing - pigment ink and solvent ink. Companies that use solvent ink do so because it is long lasting and water proof without any application of varnish. However this comes at a cost - a lot less colours. We use pigment ink because it has a far larger colour range available than solvent ink and once the canvas has been varnished it is incredibly durable.


Varnishing your canvas print is essential to preserve and protect it. The varnish not only acts as a barrier preventing scratches and abrasions but also prevents harmful ultra violet rays from fading your canvas. You can even clean it when it gets dusty by wiping it with a damp cloth. Once the varnish has been applied the colours deepen and become lovely and rich, the blacks become "black" and the canvas comes to life!

Beware though, there are many companies out there that don't do this. Claims of "same day canvas printing " are really a stretched canvas print without any varnish applied. It will look great when you first get it home and then in a few months when it gets dusty you'll soon realise it is difficult to clean whereas a varnished canvas print is easy to clean.

Stretcher Bars

High quality stretcher bars are essential to prevent warping over the years. All of our stretchers have been allowed to dry naturally which prevents warping and bending. We only stock bars which have FSC certification, which means they are harvested from sustainable forests.

Beware of force dried wood from kilns or "Green Wood" which will bend and warp over time as moisture is released from them. This wood is usually rough to the touch and sourced from cheaper ecologically damaging sources - always check for FSC certification to prevent environmental damage.

Professional Printing

We don't use gimmicky software to churn your photo onto canvas and then bung it out the door. We take the time and make the effort to check your photo for size, resolution, colour and layout.

If it is possible to offer a better size of stretchers to show all your photo without cropping it, or enhance the colours to bring the best out of your photo then we will tell you prior to printing. After all many of our customers recommend us to their friends and family.


Service is the single biggest problem that we repeatedly come across with other companies. Always check reviews and feedback of a company that you are dealing with.

When we take an order we keep you informed as to what is happening. We make sure you are happy by sending proofs for you to check prior to printing. We complete your order quickly and we will tell you when it has been despatched so you know when to expect it, and if you are nearby to Bathgate, Livingston, Edinburgh and the Lothians then we deliver personally to you.

Alan Robertson,

Canvas Printmaker

Edinburgh National Galleries Canvases
Did you know that we supply Edinburgh National Galleries with canvas prints?
Edinburgh National Galleries Canvas Prints
Canvas Printmaker use fade resistant inks bringing you a lifetime of fond memories!
Protective varnish. Prevents colour fading, abrasion and moisture.
U.V. protective varnish
Varnish preserves your canvas print from harmful U.V. The protective layer of varnish also protects against abrasion and moisture and enriches the colours.
We only use FSC certified stretcher bars
Our premium stretcher bars are FSC certified which means the trees used to produce them are replaced.
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